Monday, January 21, 2008

A Busy Monday and Goodbye to the Doggie

As my loving-wife...stated in the previous post, we're in fact dog-sitting. Lily has been a joy to come home to and a sadness to depart from. All in all it's been a successful dog-sitting experiment (I say that cause it was Brandie and I's first time "watching" anything together, so it was interesting to see how we worked together in that..ultimately a good experience).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dog Sitting

So Nick and I are babysitting a dog for the next couple of days. Lily (thats her name) is a puggle which is half pug and half beagle. She's cute. It has not been so bad except for Saturday when it was pouring down rain all day and we got soaking wet everytime we took her to the bathroom. Plus we are on the third floor... Right now she is staring at me while I am trying to study, I guess she does not understand that I have a test coming up and cant play with her, oh well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend seems fun.

- Tonight there is a P A R T Y at Nic's house...which for those of you that don't know...that means I will s'mores this evening.

- (By the way...this picture to the right here...was taken right before Ernesto hit Folly Beach...I was there...I surfed it...and it was AWESOME...the rain and the sand stung your face...and the wind would blow your board away....Seth and Jeremy Pollett almost was a GREAT time!) Tomorrow morning, 9am surfing in hopefully a storm with Jeremy Nuckolls...and that reminds me I need to call Jeremy Pollett. Then shopping with the wife...thanks to everyone for the gift cards!

-! I'm very excited about the songs we're going to attempt this Sunday, as most of them are difficult...or at least, to us.

So this weekend is shaping up nicely. Recently, I've received quite a large amount of bills....all at once... I think other businesses talk to each other and say when they are going to send them out and ask for their money...just like when I was in high-school and I was sure that all the teachers in the school got together and decided when they would have tests.

I'm going to be heading up to Tennessee for the weekend of the 25th with Brandie for Pigeon Forge here we come! That should be fun, though I have to work. Though, the place where I will be working will be a Youth that should be fun as well...hopefully we'll learn some stuff.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Time/New Year's in Review

Well, Christmas came and went, followed by New Year's...funny how the calendar works that way.

- side note -

Cubicle life is so funny. Jeremy was just talking to me and then his little head went away and I heard him answer the phone. Then he told the lady who he was on the phone with: "Let me just stop you before you go too far, and tell you that I'm not the right person for you"...that's funny.

- end side note -

Being back at work is not that bad. It's nice to see everyone, even if we have a ton of work to do.
Brandie is in Spartanburg still, getting her car fixed. I miss her.
Back to work.