Friday, March 14, 2008

Premiere Day

So, it's 1:48am right now and I'm up with Seth and Jeremy N. playing PS3...why?...well, the first reason is because we're guys; the second is because we were told that we were too old to stay up till 2am playing video games. I'll go ahead an admit that "yes" I'm dog-tired tired.

Anyways, this weekend will be a good one, though it will be a tiring one with a TON of work. Premiere Day is this weekend and that means that all of the ACCEPTED students will be coming to see CSU as a future campus. Also, what that means is it's the biggest event that we do on-campus as far as recruiting students goes, and I'm in charge of it...not that I did all the work for it...I didn't, but I've told that the responsibility of the success of this event is resting on no pressure. : )

My in-laws are coming down to Charleston this weekend to visit CSU for Premiere Day since Casey (my sister-in-law) will most likely be attending CSU this Fall. : ) It will great to see them again, since we don't get to see anyone that much anyways.

Brandie and I have been looking at buying a home recently, and while we were very close to buying one recently, ultimately I was afraid of the monthly payment...afraid that we wouldn't have any food or water.

Brandie is asleep right now...that's weird...this is the first night in probably a year or so that I'm awake and Brandie isn't. I will say though that she only got two hours of sleep last night, so she was pretty she did a LOT of schoolwork tonight before sleeping.

Brandie and I have been reading "Taste and See" by John Piper everynight before we go to sleep; it's been really cool to have her reading something that I enjoy so much. Right now we're memorizing scripture as well together; this weeks is: Hebrews 4:16..."Therefore let us approach with confidence the throne of grace to receive mercy and grace to help in time of need". And while we're memorizing those, the "Vision Team" at Summit is memorizing Romans 12 (the whole chapter) to use as a base scripture for all we do at Summit and for the meat of what the Vision of the church looks like.

It looks as though the new position which I created will be getting voted into long as the Board of Visitors and Board of Trustees agree on it. It made it through the Strategic Initiative Retreat, and the Town Hall Meeting today already, so one more set of votes to get through; I really hope that it does; I think it would benefit CSU tremendously and would be way more FUN for me thing about that is that my VP recognizes that it's something that would be more fun for me and be more along the lines of what I would like to do in the future, and she promotes that.

Anyways, it's now officially 2:02am and I'm still really young...of course I'll hate myself in the morning, especially because I have to work tomorrow from 8am-5pm and then come back and work 9pm till who knows when. Then on Saturday I have to work at 6am till 4pmish, maybe longer, and then of course on Sunday 7am till 2pm at church, followed by Michael and Heather's wedding...which is exciting. So, off to bed I go I go. Goodnight.