Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Softball Season

Well, Softball Season talk has officially been started around me today. I look forward soo much to Summit Church Softball. Mainly because I get to spend time with all the men of the church and I don't get that alot when I'm at church throughout the time.

Work has been crazy busy recently, though some things are being changed around, so that's a nice change.

I spent about 30mins. last night talking to George and being updated on things in the Ville. It was good to get to speak with him. Happy Early Birthday George!

Jeremy Pollett and I have been surfing at Folly alot recently (by alot I mean twice), and that's been really great to get to spend time with him and discuss life and get to see some amazing sunsets.

My dad is coming down this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that. My mom is coming down the next weekend, and then Casey, my MIL, and some other friends are coming down in March...good times ahead.

Tonight Jeremy Nuckolls and I may throw the ball around a little bit, both of us are very excited to begin this new softball season.

Everyone should go to and type in "women's soccer amazing goals" and watch the CSU goals...the third and fourth goals are AMAZING...thus the title.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Its been a while...

I noticed that Nick has not written anything recently, so I figured I could fill in for him since he is apparently too busy. Well the only story that I really have to tell is about Nick, who still has some kid in him and I suppose always will (which is fine with me, because I do too and I think most people do). We were out riding bikes the other day ( my idea, so he probaly blames what happened to him on me, even though I had nothing to do with it) because it was a very nice day, about 70 degrees. We were riding on the sidewalk in our neighborhood and they have these, I guess you could call them "landscaping hills" and so Nick decides he is going to ride his bike up and down these hills. And apparantly as he was coming down one of these hills he noticed a hole and instead of hitting the hole and going over the handle bars he swerves to the left and falls over. That ended our relaxing day of bike riding. So now he is missing a lot of skin on his right arm and some on his hand, stomach and shin.
On another note, a few weeks ago Nick took me to Paula Deens restaurant in Savannah Georgia, it was a surprise for me and he had to take a day off of work to do it. I just wanted to mention that because it was a great surprise and a sweet thing for him to do.