Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well what???

Well what's been happening??? Just working really. I've been traveling alot (as you who have me on facebook probably know by now)...I've been in Oralndo, FL and Baltimore, MD.

In Orlando I was at Student Leadership University where I got to work, but also was able to learn a great deal about Leadership but also Apologetics from a professor at Southeastern Seminary, so that was great. I was able to do some surfing on my way home at Flagler Beach and it was the first time this year in the Atlantic without the wetsuit on, so that was a refreshing experience, but not that bad ultimately.

In Baltimore I spent sometime in Montgomery County, but spent most of my time at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore eating at the ESPN Zone restaurant and taking in a Baltimore Orioles game against the Toronto Blue Jays (O's won).

Summit church has been growing a good bit, and it's been great leading worship with the students; they're amazing. Our Youth Group is getting up there as well, so that's exciting to see young students coming to God.
Back to work....
~ Nick ~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ignite the Flame and Wind

So this past weekend was interesting, and now I'm really tired; of course, being up right now at 7:45am at work isn't helping either. So...

This past weekend on Saturday my Dad came down and we went out to Morris Island (Lighthouse) and did some fishing with Jeremy and Seth: we caught two fish (maybe 8" long), ultimately not that successful, but fun. The wind was awful and it made it feel like it was freezing; which it was cold, however, it wasn't as cold as it felt.

Sunday morning was a good time of worship. We did some newer Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United music, so that was good times. Then on Sunday afternoon/night the Worship Band and I spent that time at the Ignite the Flame "A Night of Worship and Prayer". We played for 2 hours straight, with some breaks in between, but it was a lot of fun. There were around 900 youth there and they were crazy loud! But hearing them sing so passionately makes my arena as a Worship Leader very very easy, and it was more like a night of encouragement for me and the band; ultimately it was a great time. Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden and Summit paid for everyone's dinner, which was also good and I was very tired.

This week at work so far I've been ordering DVDs for students that we want duplicated, creating letters to go out to them, and postcards to go out to others, coming up with a name for the new position (which BTW should be created between June-August), accepted and denied students for admission, met with parents and students about (admission, financial aid, housing, registration, etc), and waved to the Senior Adults with the South Carolina Baptist Convention.
Jon wants the Worship Band to play in a couple of weeks at this revival in Florence...well, near Florence, so we may do that. It would be in between my visit to CIU (Columbia International University), and my trip to SLU (Student Leadership University) in Orlando, FL; but after my trip back from Gaithersburg, we'll see about me...I know I'll be CRAZY busy at that time...which is weird considering it's not the Fall and I'm traveling so much.

"Pursue faith and love and peace, and enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts" 2 Timothy 2:22.