Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travel Season Stinks (but has some good parts)

I'm wrapping up a 2 week stint in my travel for work in Charlotte, NC. Right now I'm staying at a Doubletree Inn by the airport which I've stayed at before. The computer work area that I'm in is loud and irritating, but alas I write.
If you're wondering why there are different cars throughout the entry, these are the ones I have driven this season so far.
I've been in Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point, Pembroke, Raleigh, Kill Devil Hills - North Carolina; Washington D.C.; Loudon County, and a bunch of other undesirable places in Virginia; I don't think I visited Maryland yet, but I think I'll be there in about 2 weeks or so, as well as Florence, SC.
Being away from Brandie for this long is no good. Seeing George and Alexis was fantastic and that night that George and I stayed up looking up different funny things we came across on was great as well. I really enjoyed spending time getting to know Alexis better, though I don't know how she felt having to host a mini-boys weekend, but I tried to be a gracious guest as they were amazing hosts.
Probably crazy late tomorrow I may attempt to drive back to Charleston, SC, but we'll have to see as I do my work.
I've read 3 books in the last week and a half and the best one I read was called The Gutter. It's about loving people that my seem "unapproachable" to you and I, but understanding that we have all been "unapproachable" at some point or the other (because of depravity), and we all need to know that we have someone who can save us from Hell (really)...Jesus. Anyways, it was good that I had time to read because I start class this week at Liberty Seminary and I have 16 books for 2 courses (having to read all of them) in 8 weeks. Fun fun. G'night.


Anonymous said...

I agree, and that Spider sucked

Anonymous said...

I am proud of both of the students in your house.