Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Days

Well, everything has been going on very quickly around here in the wonderful world of Brandie and Nicholas.

Brandie's sister (Casey) is here now and playing soccer for CSU! She is playing mid-field and got to play this past Saturday against Clemson, so it was great to get to see her playing in the first "unofficial" game of the season...most freshman don't get playing time, so that was nice.

Brandie is getting ready for hopefully her last semester of college. She should finish in Decemeber with a degree in Psychology which is cool, but ultimately means that she will probably began analyzing me anytime now.

It's looking like I'll start at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN this fall towards my Masters in Leadership, so that should be cool (if finiacially possible...schools exspensive huh?).

Work is crazy busy, but it looks like this recruiting year is winding down and today (supposedly the busiest day at work) is not that bad actually...maybe we prepared people better this year...there were a ton of online updates for parents and students...who knows.

The Olympics have been...well, they've overtaken my TV at my house...mainly because Brandie likes'em, but watching them I can't help but cheer for the US.

I heard the annoucers explaining what the US felt when Phelps won his last gold to set the new record, and it seemed as though they were playing it into the idea that the Olympics create community and unity...and they do.

The one thing they didn't discuss was "why". Why do humans have this desire for community, and to cheer on people? I mean if all of this "truth is subjective, there is no absolute" stuff is real, then WHY cheer on anyone besides myself? Why be happy for someone? It makes no sense. I could go further, much further in this to the point where it comes down to the fact that THAT particular school of thought doesn't even work and completely breaks down, that really what the "no truth" people are saying (which would have to be a truth to be true, therefore defeating themselves in their own explanation), is basically they don't WANT to believe in God because that means they are responsible for their sin...ultimately they don't want to own up to it...because that means they NEED something and they are not self-sufficient.

Anyways, sorry about the apologetist rant.

Back to work, CRAZYness. If you want to check out our church here that I work with at CSU, you can go to



The Traynums said...

We miss y'all!!!! Hope to see you SOON!

The Traynums said...

It's time for y'all to update the blog!