Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm in Boiling Springs, SC with my in-laws (and I love them). It's great! I have basically two weeks to sit around, sleep, eat, get and give presents (I like both), see people I don't get to see alot, and read.

Right now Brandie and Casey (my sister-in-law) are out driving Brandie's (pig-mauled) Honda, because Casey likes to drive and doesn't get to do it that much since she has no car. Casey and I just got finished driving my Scion around a Middle School across the street...I was teaching her how to drive a manual transmission; she did very well. I was horrible the first time I attempted that, and like other people I've seen try to learn it, I got frustrated.

Tonight is Christmas Eve. This evening is my favorite night of all nights. Strange and wodnerful things happen on Christmas Eve: Santa comes by, and presents magically appear around the tree, no one sleeps for that long, and people get up so early to see what happened overnight. I think this Christmas will be a great one!

I already "did" Christmas with my Dad and my step-family. That was a good time, we played "half-rubber"...I's where you hit a half of a rubber ball with a wooden stick..I did ok considering I'm a crippple; though I think my ankle is getting better (however still black, red, and blue).

One of the things that I'm looking forward to most this Christmas is my lunch time with George on the 27th...I haven't seen him in some feels like years, so that will be good. I am also excited about what Brandie may be getting for Christmas...which I can't tell you yet...maybe some other time.

Also, speaking of other posts, I've had such a demand for the "pig pictures" I will put them on here later...after Christmas...and if you have children they may not want to see it..though there isn't any blood or anything...just a dead (hit by a Honda) pig.

I'm almost done with reading Let the Nations be Glad by John Piper (I already finished Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby), and I'm learning alot about Missions and about God's heart for the lost all around the world and what that should mean to us as Christians. It does make me aggravated with some of the things that I see going on around me at CSU, from the Christians and non-Christians alike, though I don't want to promote feelings of discontentment within myself (I suppose).

Missing everyone in Chucktown, wish that all of our families and everyone could share Christmas together, but this is where we are.


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