Monday, December 17, 2007

A Pig...a what? I believe she hit a wild one will ever believe that

So here goes...

My wife and I were driving back from church last night (she was driving about a mile behind me in her car). We have a cut-through road that has just recently been developed and we very much enjoy the large amount of time it cuts off our drive everyday.

As I proceeded through the road, it was very dark, and i turned on my bright lights to see better. When I did that I saw not one, but three large wild pigs (hairy...just really some of my friends), and so I slowed down and began to call Brandie on the phone since she was behind me and I wanted to make sure that she saw them ahead of time.

Well, I called her, she answered:

Brandie: Hey.
Nick: Hey, where are you?
Brandie: I'm on the cut-through road....OH MY GOD, I JUST HIT SOMETHING. ::tears::
Nick: Yeah I know...I'll be right there.

Not fun...just not cool. Anyways, apparently one of the three pigs ran out in the middle of the road as she was driving (and these things are dark black), and my wife clipped it with the front driver-side of her car.

So now we pretty much have to get a new bumper, and maybe some other random things, but I'm mostly happy that the airbags didn't go off, cause that would've prolly done some serious damage.

So then we both got home and I proceeded to go back out to my car with our digital camera and take pictures of her car and the dead pig (with a police officer, who couldn't believe what she was looking at). Also, we had another officer (whose daughter goes to CSU) come up to our apartment and write up a police report about my wife has her own police report now.

It's funny, because it's so random, and I'm suprised that my "randomness of tragedy and weirdness" ability transferred to my wife...I mean normally the random weird junk happens to when my toe got cut off by a conch shell....or when I fell of a rope swing 50ft. in the air and didn't die....or falling off a wall of a major american revolution fort while trying to climb it using a belt from wal-mart...that kinda stuff. Though it is funny, and ultimately something that I think we'll laugh at later on, it really didn't make me feel that good to hear all of that over the phone, especially my wife screaming part...not cool.

Anyways, work today, and tomorrow, and then I'm done till January...and that makes me happy.


thebednars said...

poor Babe (the pig). He was probably an orphan pig who was just looking for food to keep from starving or someone to play with.

R.I.P. Babe

I enjoy the strange things that happen to you and to me. They make me laugh. Sorry about the wife screaming and the bumper. Hope it doesn't cost too much to fix.

thebednars said...

Also, about the links, go into your account like you are going to post something. Click on the template tab and you should be able to add a category (like "friends" or "music" or "midgets"). Do that and then click edit once you have the category. Inside the edit thing you will have the option to insert links and such. I think that this is how it is done.