Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something warm...something cold

It was 26F when I was driving to work this morning; I know this because of two reasons: 1)The water that was ice that melted when I used the defrost this morning, turned back into ice after I turned the defrost off...which is amazing, and 2) Because the thermostat in my car says it was(the picture is deifnitely not from Summerville...if that happens in Summerville, then there's a problem).

So the "wild pig adventures with Brandie" story has officially been told at my work. Most of the people feel bad for Brandie and then they laugh hysterically.
Apparently, Brandie's mom spoke with the insurance company and it'll cost us like $250 to get everything repaired...which is fine; that's not so bad ultimately...could've been a lot worse. So I guess we'll be doing some fixing up of the Honda while we're in GSP.

Anyways, it's my last day at work until January 3rd today, and I'm really looking forward to some time off because...well, because I would prefer not to do anything but eat, sleep and open and give presents. I'm excited about getting the children in our family toys, because I think that was my favorite thing about Christmas was the toys when I was a kid; and I'm still kinda one.

We still haven't done any "real" shopping this year for Christmas yet, but Brandie and I both have scheduled shopping times with our moms, so hopefully we'll be able to knock it out in one day...one exhaustive day.

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